Susan is the best choice for your team. Here's why:

GLASS HOUSE PENTHOUSE: “Susan managed the entire process of getting my Glass House Penthouse ready to go on the market including selecting upgrades, paint, and staging - all under budget!”

GLASS HOUSE PENTHOUSE: “I know that her personal dedication to every detail contributed to the success of selling my home efficiently and quickly and for the highest price-per-square foot in Glass House Penthouse history.”

SPIRE SKYCLUB HOME:  This 9th floor SPIRE SkyClub home sold at a record-setting price-per-square-foot.

On average, Susan helps her clients sell in 21 days (21.33). This is over 33% (33.33%) faster than other leading brokers at Spire.

Susan retains the highest final sales vs original list price, at over 98% (98.07%).

Susan has sold over $130 million worth of property.

Susan has been involved in 283 transaction sides.