Midland 1008 - buyer - kelly m

We worked with Susan and Carder during the purchase of a downtown Denver condo. We did not have a realtor when we began our search, so we contacted Susan as she was the seller’s agent for a condo that we were interested in looking at. We ended up making an offer and purchasing the condo and worked with Susan as the transaction broker through the purchase process. Susan and Carder couldn’t have been more honest, knowledgeable, responsive, and professional throughout the entire process. Everything was handled and taken care of to our complete satisfaction. We would definitely recommend Susan to others and would certainly engage her again as well. 



Thank you so much to Susan Chong for helping to sell my Spire investment property. Not only did she guide me through the real estate process, but she also coordinated with my tenants on all matters, transferred the lease to the new owner, and made sure I closed on the property before the end of the year. Susan truly made sure I was taken care of and I knew that she held my best interests at heart. I would happily use her services again, and highly recommend that you see how she can help you. Thank you Susan and Merry Christmas everyone!



Spire 2904 - SELLER - Hollie J

"Want to thank Susan Chong and her fantastic team for making my selling process so smooth and easy!! Sold for asking after only 2 DAYS on the market even in winter (didn't expect that!!). Susan & Carder made sure I was informed the entire way, very professional photos were taken and communication was the best! I highly suggest Susan Chong & Carder Lamb with Slifer, Smith & Frampton if you are looking to buy or sell in Denver--an absolutely amazing team--this comes from a super picky and "everything must be in perfect order" me!

Hollie - very happy camper 😃"





Glass House 2317 - SELLER - Andrew F.

“My brother referred Susan Chong to me as he had a great experience when buying high-end properties downtown. Susan managed the entire process of getting my Glass House Penthouse ready to go on the market including selecting upgrades, paint, and staging - all under budget! I know that her personal dedication to every detail contributed to the success of selling my home efficiently and quickly and for the highest price-per-square foot in Glass House Penthouse history. Big thank you again to a wonderful Realtor."




SPIRE 910 - SELLER - Allen M.

Dear neighbors....I’ve recently moved out of Spire wanted to say thank you for being such a great community for the last six years supporting Crave along with being such great neighbors. A very big thank you to Susan Chong for helping me sell my home at a record-setting price per square footage. I couldn’t have imagined someone better to have handled the sale of my condo. If you’re looking to buy and sell anywhere in Denver, go talk to Susan; she will take care of you! Good luck to you and you all will be missed."




SPIRE 1202 - BUYER - Jordan O.

“Susan has been my agent for two downtown Denver condo purchases within the past two years. She not only has an excellent understanding of the Denver market, but also has a large network of real estate professionals in the area, so often times she knows what's hot before it even hits the market. I would truly recommend Susan for anyone buying or selling in the Denver market.”




SPIRE 2604 - SELLER - David P.

“Buying or selling your Spire condo? I know, I know… The constant barrage of over-the-top realtor recommendations by scores of ex-residents pointing out how absolutely perfect their guy/girl is. Fear not. I have no intention of adding to your pain. I WILL however point out that Susan Chong sold my place in 3 weeks. Nothing ever goes EXACTLY according to plan but Susan stepped up in any and all ways to make the ride a lot smoother than it could have been. Not gonna preach here but if you’re in the market for services, you may want to at least have a chat with her before deciding. 3 weeks… Not too shabby. Thanks Susan!”




Glass House 603 and Solterra -  SELLER & BUYER - Rachel R.

“There's not a lot of people that can navigate selling your condo, meeting your exact expectations, while simultaneously helping find and close your dream home (...as particular as I can be). Susan Chong made it happen in 30 days! Thanks to Susan, Adam and I get to start our next chapter exactly where we had hoped. If you are curious about the Denver market, Susan is your gal! #miracleworker #thatsawrap #foothillsherewecome"




SkyClub 3605 Buyer – Justin P.

"I just closed on unit 3605 and had a great buying experience with Susan Chong. As many of you have likely experienced the same, I'd like to give her a shout out and thank her again! I look forward to meeting the Spire Community!"




SkyClub 3605 Seller – Kyle W.

"A great big thanks to Susan Chong for closing on my condo. Susan was able to find the buyer and was extremely helpful facilitating the transaction while I was in another state. I highly recommend Susan for your real estate needs!"




SkyClub 4201 Sellers – Dewayne & Joyce D.

"I can’t say enough about Susan Chong for the manner in which she carried out the sale and closing of 4201. She is professional, knowledgeable and sincere. With timely communications, she kept us informed during each phase of the process, up to the closing today."




SkyClub 4001 Buyer - Bobby Z.

"Susan was very helpful and communicative in the buying process at Spire . Her attention to detail . persistence and professional attitude convinced me to try to use her again in a selling situation . Her intimate knowledge of the marketplace in the downtown real estate market ( particularly the Spire building ) and her professional selling skills makes her a proven winner and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is planning to use her and her team for their real estate needs."




Matthew Leprino, Broker - Leprino Home

"Susan is an excellent Broker to work with. One of the best in the business."




SkyClub 909 Buyer - Young Y.

"Susan was a true professional balanced with just the right amount of perfect timing personality. She has a great ability to listen and apply that information to what we were looking for. She was able to anticipate potential problems and suggest proven solutions before they arose. I would go to Susan for all my future real estate endeavors."




Spire 3001 Buyer – Diane C.

"She's BACK! Are you buying, selling, leasing or looking to lease? Susan Chong will make it happen. I've had the pleasure to work with Susan on a lease and a purchase recently and both transactions were seamless. She's professional, efficient, thoroughly thorough (say that 10 times fast!) and FUN to work with. Tap into Susan's enthusiasm for - and knowledge of - downtown Denver real estate. It's a win-win."




SkyClub 4210 Buyer - Kevin F.

"We had an excellent experience with Susan!  She is very knowledgeable, responsive, friendly and consistently demonstrates the highest level of professionalism.  We plan to engage her again and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to work with the best."




Spire Seller - Eric M.

"We were able to sell both our home plus my husband's mother's Spire home in record time due to the efficiency of Susan Chong in the Spire Urban Real Estate located in the Spire Sales Center office. Susan sold our unit in under 24 hours! Not only was she able to sell both units, but she was able to   help us with several bumps on the road to closing both sales. Susan is very, very good at her job and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell at The Spire."




SkyClub 3606 Seller - David Z.

"Hi all! I’ve recently moved out of Spire wanted to say thank you for being such a great community for the last three years. A big shout out to Susan Chong at Spire Urban Real Estate for helping me sell my home at a record-setting price before it even hit the public market. She brought the buyer and we closed in under four business days. I couldn’t have imagined someone better to have handled both sides of this transaction so quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking to buy and sell anywhere in Denver, go talk to the onsite team on the ground floor of Spire; they will take care of you! Good luck to you!"




Spire 2310 Buyer/Landlord - Adrienne K.

"If you are looking for a Realtor to represent you, there is no one better than Susan Chong… Susan represented me in the rental of my home. I cannot give her enough praise in all regards. Susan communicates effectively. She makes herself readily available. She is always pleasant. She instills confidence. Bottom line is that she does her job very effectively. It is a pleasure to work with Susan. She went out of her way to make accommodations that went well beyond anything anyone could even dream or hope for.. There is no doubt that I will continue to engage Susan in any of my realty needs. Susan is tops!"




Spire 2814 Seller - Andrew B.

"Susan…helped me buy my first home, rent my first home, and eventually sell my first home, and i never questioned who was going to get my business.  Being a long distance client, they helped put my mind at ease!"


Buyer - Laurie F.

"Denver is a great place to live, but the housing market can be challenging to navigate on your own.  Susan helped me find the exact place I was looking for in a Denver neighborhood I never dreamed I would be able to afford.  Her knowledge of the market, work ethic, and attention to detail made it easy for me as a home buyer.  Susan was with me every step of the way, and I can't thank her enough!"